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Leo Asemota & Nástio Mosquito #215
Portikus, Frankfurt

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Leo Asemota and Nástio Mosquito work across a variety of media, #215 is the first exhibition that the artists have worked on together.

The idea for #215 came from a private exchange of voice recordings between the artists, which they have been sending each other since meeting on the occasion of Savvy Funk, the radio program at documenta14. The voice messages produce a temporally displaced dialog, which enabled a different kind of conversation. These recordings, in dialogue and monologues in dialogue thus came to characterize the nature of their collaboration in the exhibition #215. As an institution and subsequent public space, the works and installations transform the Portikus into a site where encounters, privacy, manifestation, and thought all coexist.

The works of both artists were developed specifically for the exhibition and drew on the architectural, functional, geographical, and atmospheric particularities of Portikus. Their collaborators: carpenters, designers, and architects (#215 Studio) were all involved in planning the exhibition towards expanding its design and its sphere beyond the institution through their respective means.

Funded by the TURN Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Additionally funded by the Hessische Kulturstiftung.

With support by MESO Digital Interiors. 

Leo Asemota and Nastio Mosquito Exhibition #215 Floor plan.pdf


Helke Bayrle’s observation of Leo Asemota and Nástio Mosquito installing exhibition “215” at Portikus.

Portikus Under Construction

Leo Asemota & Nástio Mosquito: #215