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Map of a City



From the “Murder Cabinet”

From the “Terror Cabinet”

“I suppose my “decisive moment” would be when I received this travel diary in October 2000. It became immediately clear that I would undertake this project and in the manner I should.”

Travel diary entry on 30 / 06 / 01

Map of a City (2001) was a yearlong project during which Asemota travelled extensively across London, roaming the city in search of the iconic bright yellow Witness Appeal boards central to the Metropolitan Police investigations of unlawful acts in the city.

Inspired by the sign’s three-colour composition, its site-specificity and communicative imperative, Map of a City is an expansive visual index on the human condition in which many facets of contemporary life in a global city are played out on its streets, against a backdrop of social, political and cultural shifts.

Newspaper clipping

One of three of Asemota’s travel diaries