Leo Asemota / EoTLA

As Yet Untitled

Feet and hands imprint crystalized in granulated white sugar

Diameter: 36 in (91.4 cm)

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Stills from the film Cult

The Cure Complete Works (2002) is a multimedia project constructed on the principle of many-valued logic of truth, falsity and the unknown.

Drawn from significant periods in modern history, The Cure Complete Works is presented in three segments encompassing photographs, sculptures, drawings, artists’ books, postage stamps and a 33-minute film.

The first segment incorporate portraits, sculptures and drawings introducing characters in the second segment, a 33-minute film titled “Cult”.

“Cult”, presented entirely without sound, is a procession of imagery filled with scenes of beautification on a seated figure who is also the film’s object of devotion.

The third segment comprise new ideas and works generated from the film including casts in sugar and a chromogenic print titled “FiTH Work No.23: The Cure”.

The Cure Complete Works


FiTH Work No.23: The Cure

Chromogenic print in artists’ frame

45.3 x 59 in (114.4 x 149.8 cm)